How Custom Bobblehead Dolls Are Made

Custom bobblehead dolls are very popular. They are ideal as presents or to liven up a dashboard or work station. They consistently make people grin or chuckle. Have you ever wondered what goes into making these dolls? We know the solution. The procedure is described below. You may now fully understand the manufacturing process for your personalized bobblehead. Once you’ve figured out the production method, come on over to our workshop and start making your personalized bobblehead doll right now!

Making Custom Bobble Head Dolls

Step 1

The customer selects the image they want turned into a bobble head doll. The most crucial stage in creating a bespoke bobble head doll is this one. Any likeness that a customer would like to have made into a doll might be chosen. They are free to choose a photo of themselves, a friend, a partner, a family member, or a role model. It’s crucial to start with an image that is as large and sharp as possible. The bobble head doll artist’s job will be easier as a result. To ensure the ideal model, the artist could ask the client to send multiple images of the same face, including profiles.

Step 2

This image is transferred by the artist to a mold. The artist will produce a 3D depiction of the head and face using either digital programming or sculpture. Usually, this starts as a clay mold. The artist will next carefully and expertly manipulate the clay to perfectly reproduce the image that the customer has provided. To do this, he or she will employ several little sculpting tools. Before starting to work on bespoke bobble head doll orders, the majority of artists complete demanding training programs.

Step 3

A proof is delivered by the artist to the client. The artist will speak with the client once the mold is finished to ensure everything is in order. Any number of proofs, or “edits,” are allowed for a customer.

An artist is willing to make as many adjustments to a mold as necessary before beginning the final steps of production.

Step 4

The mold is then cast following customer clearance. The bobble head mold can now be cast if the consumer gives it the thumbs up. Basic sculpture techniques are used by artists to accomplish this. Depending on the bobble head company, materials may differ. It is challenging to adjust the architecture of the bobble head doll once it has reached this level. The body style and paintwork can still be changed upon customer request, however once the mold has been cast, the head shape and structure cannot be altered. To ensure optimal longevity, some businesses coat the bobble head in a layer of special felt.

Step 5

The bobblehead doll is painstakingly and artistically painted. The real artistry now begins to show. The artist will precisely replicate the specified image when the bobble head has been built and painted. To do this, he or she will employ a selection of tiny brushes and other art supplies. Everything is done carefully and in keeping with the intended look. Customers have the option to make modifications prior to this procedure starting.

Step 6

The bobblehead doll has been put together. The majority of people are unaware of how a real bobble head doll operates. The hollow body of the bobble head (which goes through the same molding, casting, and painting processes as the head) is then attached once it has been painted. Due to a basic weight and anchor mechanism, a bobble doll’s head “bobbles”. Depending on the type of bobble head doll, this will change. The body needs to have a hollow insert for the weight and anchor system to function. Once finished, bobble head dolls are affixed to a foundation of some sort so they can be placed wherever. A specific glue may be included on the base of some dolls to make it simpler to stick them to surfaces.

Step 7

The doll is mailed to the customer after being packaged. The finest part is about to begin. The customer receives their unique bobble head doll after it has been perfectly finished and tested. The most important factor is client pleasure. Most businesses do have a refund policy in place in the event that a consumer is unhappy with the finished item. Though it’s not always the case! Every personalized bobble head doll is a piece of art, a true resemblance, and a source of smiles because of the time it takes to make one.

Variations in Production


Construction of bobble head dolls might differ depending on the company. Some businesses only use digital tools to create customers’ customized bobble head dolls. Others work entirely by hand, from the doll’s initial sculpting out of clay to its final assembly and painting. Still other bobble head doll manufacturers use a combination of these strategies.

Quality and Components

Each manufacturer of bobble head dolls selects a unique set of materials to employ in the doll’s creation. The quality of bobble head dolls might vary depending on the materials utilized. Plastic and resin are the best materials available for bobble head doll creation. By doing so, the bobble head is guaranteed to be sturdy and unlikely to crack or break easily. Early bobble heads were constructed of pottery, wood, or inexpensive plastic; resin versions are an improvement.


No of the method or material, making a bobble head doll can take a long time. A bespoke bobble head doll can be made at YesBobbleheads in four to six weeks from start to finish. After all, making bobble heads is an artistic endeavor that takes considerable consideration and patience. If you’re ordering a bespoke bobble head doll as a present, it’s crucial to consider this timescale.

You Are Aware

Most people are unaware of the amount of work required to create bespoke bobble head dolls. It takes a great deal of effort and expertise. An art form in and of itself is making a bobble head doll. Start working on your order for a bespoke bobblehead doll right away. If you have any inquiries about the procedure, get in touch with us.

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