5 Ways to Decorate Your Cake With Wedding Bobbleheads

The hottest wedding cake trends for 2017 include edible toppers, drip cakes, natural tastes, and nude cakes, according to Business Insider. However, you are not always required to do so. A wedding is not made more special by trends. Particularly when you’re on a tight budget, it’s how thoroughly you and your partner planned everything down to the last detail. Your decision of wedding cake toppers is one approach to highlight your attention to detail. And if you’ve decided to use wedding bobbleheads, you’ll be happy to know there are lots of innovative ways to use them.

How to Use Wedding Bobbleheads Creatively

  1. Select a lighthearted topic

You probably don’t need to perform a stand-up comedy performance at your wedding if humour is one of the greatest relationships you have with your spouse. (unless you really want to). The guests you’ve invited, assuming they are all close friends and family members, are aware of your fondness for humour. Consequently, you can sprinkle humour subtly throughout the ceremony if you want to add a little to your wedding without going overboard. Using personalised bobbleheads as wedding cake toppers is a simple method to achieve that. You could, for instance, have a bobblehead doll kissing a frog while wearing a white bridal gown. Another option is to create a pair bobblehead instead of the conventional wedding cake topper, which would feature Bridezilla. Although there are countless alternatives, if you’re seeking for ideas, check out this Pinterest board.

  1. Be active

There is a ranking of the top sports-themed nuptials on Bleacher Report. The top of the list belongs to the couple who really went all out with their NFL-themed wedding. Any sports lover would have enjoyed the wedding, from the candy-filled penalty markers decorations to the invitations that resembled NFL tickets. Now, if you want to add some team spirit to your special day, consider using wedding cake toppers with a sports theme. As we’ve previously stated, customised bobbleheads are a wonderful method to share your personal enthusiasm. (in this case, sports). Bobbleheads are also quite adaptable. Every sport has its own. Therefore, if you and your partner have already decided to have a sports-themed wedding, sporting bobblehead cake toppers are a surefire hit.

  1. Use unusual methods

You can customise traditional wedding customs to make it truly unique if celebrity brides can wear nontraditional wedding gowns. You might ask your bridesmaids to carry personalised lanterns in place of flowers. Alternatively, you might go all out and choose a theatre or a planetarium as your venue. Of course, you can be quite unconventional with your wedding toppers. Do you want World of Warcraft bobbleheads for your wedding? Try it out! fancy cake decorations with a Star Wars theme? With bobbleheads, those are simple enough to customise. If you and your partner want it, you can even use bobbleheads from the Alien vs. Predator movie as cake decorations.

  1. Stick to tradition

Traditional may be dull to some. However, it is not required that way for your wedding. Additionally, there are wedding customs that, depending on where you reside, are simply worthwhile. For instance, newlyweds in Germany are required to cooperate in order to cut a wood in two. To demonstrate to the visitors how well you and your partner can cooperate in the face of difficulties, this is done in front of them. Or how about the unity bowl wedding custom from Australia? Here, visitors get stones that they will later place in a gorgeous bowl as part of the ceremony. The bowl and stones serve as excellent recollections of the love and support that the couple received on their special day from their loved ones. You obviously need traditional wedding cake toppers to maintain with tradition. However, you are not need to stick to the usual monochromatic alternatives. Wedding bobbleheads are fantastic because you can truly personalise them. Additionally, there are many alternatives given by the poses of the bobbleheads. As a result, you may customise the bobblehead toppers to be as sentimental as you like.

Go seasonal 5.

The most sought-after months for weddings are May through October. However, you may still plan the ideal wedding even during the off-season. Despite the probability of adverse weather, the goal is to be inventive. If your wedding is in December, for instance, you might choose a holiday theme. If you’re getting married in February, a Valentine’s Day theme would be a nice choice. However, you must make sure that the minor details are handled regardless of the season. So this duo bobblehead wearing matching Santa suits would make a suitable wedding cake topper for a holiday-themed ceremony. This alternative is an additional choice that would be ideal for a summer wedding. To ensure that everything is on point, it’s crucial to keep the details relevant to the season.

Bobbleheads for Weddings: A Guide

Online, there are a plethora of bobblehead producers. You shouldn’t pick the first bobblehead firm you come across either, as this is for your wedding. Do you recall how you selected your suppliers? Selecting a company that creates bespoke wedding bobbleheads follows the same procedure. Check the accuracy of the information on their website by reading reviews, contacting them, and asking questions. The company’s location is something else to take into account. When will they deliver your bobbleheads? Should you select a different manufacturer who is located closer to the venue of your wedding? In light of that, you ought to be aware of how long the procedure will take. The procedure typically takes 4 to 6 weeks. If you are unable to wait that long, you must confirm that the bobblehead business you have chosen can handle rush orders.

Personalized Bobbleheads for Any Occasion

Need bobbleheads for a wedding? For occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays, we create personalised ones. Don’t forget to read our How to Order page if this is your first time placing an order with us. Please get in touch with us if you have any queries or recommendations. If you have any questions about our bobbleheads, you can also leave us a remark right here.

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